Tour Guide and Farmer’s Market Staff

Come work in the beautiful Pleasant Valley of Bellvue, Colorado at Morning Fresh Dairy Farm. Educate the community, let out your creativity, and enjoy milk and dairy allowances each week!

Job Summary

Morning Fresh Dairy Farm is looking for someone to be the face of our Dairy! We are looking for someone who is confident with giving tours and speaking to large groups of people. Someone who enjoys the dairy and farming industry and can easily discuss topics that are dairy farm and cow related. Employees should be able to handle groups of all ages well and without complaints. Sales staff needs to be willing to attend and set up Farmers Market Booths. Feel proud in selling locally made and sourced products. Confident drivers are preferred. We offer commissions and employee milk allowances.

About Morning Fresh Dairy

We are a fifth-generation dairy farm located in the beautiful Pleasant Valley in Bellvue, Colorado. Owned and operated by the Graves family since 1894. More than just a trend, the term “farm-to-table” is a reality with our home delivery service. Over the years, we have learned that making honest claims, providing quality service, and offering the best local products available is key to keeping customers satisfied with a service that will never go out of style. We raise our own cows. We grow our own feed. We bottle our own milk. We deliver to your door and to coffee shops and restaurants from Denver to Wellington! Morning Fresh Dairy milk is simply the best!


  • Okay with working varying hours each week (8-30 hours per week)
  • Flexible with changes in schedule
  • MUST be available and open to working weekends
  • Valid Driver’s License and reliable transportation to and from work

Essential Duties

  • Comfortable with working outdoors during Colorado Summers and Winters
  • Ability to handle cash and card transactions- money handling
  • Ability to lift 50 lbs. of milk if needed
  • Confident driving a Milk Box Truck or Employee Vehicle
  • Ability to set up Farmers Market Booths (Lifting tables, carts, coolers, tents, weights, etc.)
  • Customer Service experience preferred
  • Ability to work independently and in a team

Tour Responsibilities

  • Confidence in educating the public and talking in front of small and large groups
  • Ability to adjust but keep to our provided tour script depending on various age groups and group interests
  • Ability to encourage Home Delivery sign-ups and willingness to discuss the history of Morning Fresh Dairy, the products that we carry, our down-to-earth values, and the benefits of why people should want our deliver
  • Strong Customer Service and Customer Connections
  • Confidence when speaking in front of small to large groups
  • Able to handle groups of all ages including children and seniors
  • General Maintenance: sanitizing, cleaning, organizing tour rooms and dining areas
  • Confident with working both in a team and individually
  • Flexible and open to change
  • Raking/Mopping/Shoveling tour paths as needed
  • Ability to keep yourself busy
  • Comfortable with working on various tasks such as birthdays, specialized tours, field trips, large community events, etc. in addition to dairy tours

Farmers Market Responsibilities

  • Confidence in pushing for Home Delivery sign-ups. Ability to educate people about our milk, home delivery process, and our local offerings
  • Sign customers up for Home Delivery
  • Advertising our Home Delivery and Dairy Tours
  • Great opportunity for Commission
  • Great way to let your creativity shine
  • Work with a team of sales staff to represent Morning Fresh Dairy
  • Sell Premium Milk and Dairy Products
  • Feel good about all the local products that we carry
  • Handle monetary transactions
  • Connect with other vendors and build relationships
  • Run your own Morning Fresh Dairy Stand

Job Benefits

  • Employee discounts
  • Change in tasks from one day to the next
  • Flexible Schedules
  • Morning Fresh Dairy free apparel
  • Milk Allotment
  • Earn Commissions and Tips
  • Growth opportunities
  • Fun work environment
  • Work with baby calves

COVID-19 Precautions

Enforcing guidelines, based on county health guidelines.

Job Details

Job Type Part-time
Salary $13 per hour (plus commissions)
Schedule Varying hours each week (8-30 hours per week)