FAQ with Farmer Rob

FAQ with Farmer Rob

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Why should I buy my milk from Morning Fresh Dairy?
Since 1894 our 100% all natural family dairy has been operating in the same location in Larimer County, Colorado. All Natural means no artificial hormones, no pesticides, and no preservatives. From our cows to your doorstep in 24 hours our milk is wholesome and nutritious and, of course, delicious. You are supporting your local community, reducing your carbon footprint and making the healthiest choice for your family.
Where is Morning Fresh Dairy?
The Morning Fresh Dairy land has been in our family since 1894. Our dairy is nestled in Bellvue’s Pleasant Valley between Rist Canyon and Poudre Canyon northwest of Fort Collins. The cows are able to roam on pasture at least 90 days per year. When you are buying Morning Fresh milk you are supporting our local community and our local economy.
Why does Morning Fresh Dairy use glass bottles?
We bottle our milk ourselves. We use glass bottles for our reusable container because milk stays fresher in glass. Milk tastes like milk - not plastic, wax, or paper. Glass is a better insulator than other containers which helps the milk stay cold. Glass bottles are the only reusable containers that are non-porous. They can be thoroughly sanitized which ensures no residual flavors or odors. Fresh milk delivered to your door, it's less than 24 hours from Mooo to you!  The way we do things is not the easy way - We feel it is the best way and we’re proud of it!
Where can I get home delivery?
Most areas in and around Loveland, Greeley, Windsor, Fort Collins, Ault, Severance, Eaton, Berthoud, and Wellington.
Does Morning Fresh Dairy use any antibiotics?
Morning Fresh milk is produced without the use of antibiotics. In the dairy industry, much of the antibiotics administered to cows goes to healthy livestock to stimulate growth and prevent disease. The World Health Organization has recommended repeatedly that antibiotics used on humans not be prescribed to promote livestock growth. And in June 2001, the American Medical Association went on record opposing the use of antibiotics in agriculture for non-therapeutic use in healthy animals. Developed countries around the world, except for the United States and Canada, have set regulations restricting such use.

At Morning Fresh Diary, we only treat cows that are ill with antibiotics, and those cows are pulled out of production in order to be treated. We strongly feel that this is the only ethical solution. We do not overuse antibiotics; however, we do treat rather than destroy sick animals.
Does Morning Fresh Dairy use Growth Hormones (rBGH/rBST)
At Morning Fresh we do not inject our cows with hormones to increase their milk production. While growth hormones naturally occur in all milk, non-organic dairy cows may also be injected with additional growth hormones to increase milk production. Several countries in Europe as well as Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Japan have already banned these hormones because of concerns regarding their potential effect on human and animal health.
Do Morning Fresh Dairy cows eat food that has been treated with pesticides?
We grow our own alfalfa and grain to feed our cows so we can ensure the highest quality feed without the use of harmful pesticides. Not using pesticides on our fields allows us to practice the belief that our natural enviornment does not need to be destroyed. Take our corn fields where we have Lady Bugs naturally present for example; if we weren't commited to preserving the balance of nature, this wouldn't be possible.
What is Morning Fresh Dairy doing to help the environment?
Here at Morning Fresh Dairy we understand the relationship between our business and the environment. Our dairy has thrived on our family’s land for over 100 years and we do everything we can to take care of the land, the air and the water. We use sustainable farming techniques like crop rotation and composting to improve soil fertility. Our cattle graze in our pastures or from feed that we make from crops grown on our land. We aren’t using fossil fuels to truck in feed produced off the farm. We primarily use glass bottles to decrease the amount of trash that ends up in our landfills. The majority of our milk stays in Northern Colorado. We do everything we can to decrease our carbon footprint and be responsible stewards of our environment.
Does Morning Fresh Dairy participate in many community events?
Morning Fresh Dairy regularly donates to many community groups and events. We are currently introducing/expanding our Caps4Cash program in local schools.
What is cream top milk?
Whole milk that is not homogenized.
Do you sell Raw milk?
No. We are not legally able to sell raw milk.
Is your milk kosher?
Why do you add vitamins A and D to milk?
All of our milk is pasteurized, homogenized and fortified with vitamin D, and our fat-free, reduced-fat, low-fat milk products have added vitamin A. We are required by law to add vitamin A into all of our reduced fat milk. This is because the precursor to vitamin A is lost when fat is removed. Vitamin D is added as required by law.
What is 'homogenized' milk?
Homogenized milk has gone through the homogenization process. Homogenization breaks up the fat cells, or cream, evenly throughout the milk, making the consistency uniform. Nothing is added to the milk during this process.
What is 'ultra-pasteurized' milk? DO YOU DO THIS???
Ultra-pasteurized milk (UHT) has been flash-heated with steam to 280°F and then vacuum chilled rapidly back down to 38°F. This temperature variation kills more microorganisms than regular pasteurization. The result is milk with a longer shelf life. We do not do this as it changes the flavor and consistency of milk. Milk that is ultra-pasteurized can be packaged and stored unrefrigerated for long periods of time. We pasteurize our milk which involves flash heating it to 165-168°f then immediately cooling it back to 36°f.
Morning Fresh uses no preservatives, so how long will the milk last in my fridge?
Our milk will last at least 7-10 days depending on how cold you keep your refrigerator. Habits like leaving the milk out on the counter will shorten the life span also.
How old is the dairy?
The dairy was started in 1894 by W. C. Graves.
How many people get their milk delivered by Morning Fresh?
About 7,000
How many trucks does it take to deliver the milk?
We have 14 milkmen delivering to homes.
How much milk can one cow produce in a day?
10 Gallons
How many times a day does each cow get milked?
Our cows get milked 3 times a day.
How many cows does Morning Fresh Dairy have?
We currently milk about 600 cows. We also have our cows on maternity leave in the pasture and calves galore.
Do the cows have names?
The cows are all numbered but there are definitely quite a few who have names because they are favorites or have certain characteristics.
What do the cows eat?
Grain, silage, and alfalfa
What happens to all the manure?
The manure produced by our cows is spread on our fields and makes wonderful organic fertilizer.
How do you make Egg nog?
Egg nog is hand mixed using our own special recipe then pasteurized and bottled at the dairy.
How do you make Chocolate Milk?
Chocolate milk is made with whole milk, chocolate powder and cane sugar.


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