Moo News

April Moo News 2023

Meet Hopper

Hopper loves moooving around and living an energetic life.
You can find her hopping around the open sand beds, searching for the tastiest bits of corn. Her favorite game is follow-the-leader because her friends have to replicate her funny faces.

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Moo Please

Savor the taste of Spring with egg dishes and berry delights! Try your hand at Stuffed Berry French Toast for a sweet start to the morning, or try Baked Eggs Florentine Casserole for a twist on a classic dish!

Post pictures of your finished dish using Morning Fresh products on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #mooplease. Follow the hashtag so you can see everyone’s finished creations!

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Flavor of the Month!

Feelin’ loopy? Enjoy our Loopy Milk, available for a limited time this month. This sweet, creamy beverage is reminiscent of fruit loop cereal! Surprise your kids with this fruity, sunshine-colored beverage, or enjoy a bottle by yourself. You won’t want to miss out on such a fun flavor! Order through Home Delivery or purchase at the Howling Cow Cafe!

Our happy, healthy cows agree that there’s nothing quite like a Pleasant Valley sunset…


Test your Cowledge!

What runs all around the cow pasture but never moves? Take a guess!

Check next month’s Moo News for the answer! March’s Moo News Answer…

What city was laid out by cow paths? A. Boston

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