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Buena Vida Farm

Written by Amber Graves | August 2022

Farmer’s markets are a staple in our Northern Colorado community but Morning Fresh Dairy and Buena Vida Farm are taking it to an even fresher level! They have teamed up to offer local veggie bundles to Morning Fresh Dairy home delivery customers during the growing season. This partnership enables consumers to get fresh produce, support local farmers, and have it delivered to their doorstep.

The seasonal bundle is filled with a variety of produce grown in Fort Collins by the Hispanic Women’s Farming Proyecto who grow on their land and water provided by Buena Vida Farm. This women’s project produces high quality vegetables for local families while providing opportunities for immigrant and refugee women to improve their lives and become more employable. With this year’s grants were able to support 6 women who are learning agriculture and business while growing, harvesting and selling vegetables to make money for their families.

The Women’s Farming Proyecto and Morning Fresh Dairy’s relationship sprouted through a connection in Colorado water dialogue as both realize it is a pressing agricultural issue. This type of collaboration between not just agriculture but also municipalities unifies our community to challenge current and future problems. The partnership has grown, leading to new ideas including this veggie delivery venture. The Women’s Farming Proyecto sales manager, Rebeca Mendoza, exclaimed “Teaming with Morning Fresh Dairy gets our fresh produce out to more people, and that makes us happy”.

Community growth and prosperity flows from local agriculture being locally consumed. Morning Fresh Dairy is continually increasing the variety of high quality, local products they offer to their home delivery customers along with their fresh, all natural milk. They had been searching for the right produce partner and Buena Vida’s women’s farming project was the perfect fit!

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