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Happy Earth Day 2022

We hope you are excited about celebrating Earth today! Your involvement at Morning Fresh goes beyond drinking the delicious, all natural milk you know and love. You are part of a community helping the Earth by participating in sustainable practices. Read below for three ways in which we are participating in preserving resources, re-using materials, and re-generating the earth.

Glass Bottle Re-use Program

Unlike single-use plastic, our glass bottles get 25+ uses through our bottle re-use program. Your involvement in returning our glass bottles helps immensely in this process and you play a big role in helping keep this program alive; thank moo!

Regenerative Agriculture Practices

We plant a diversity of crops, like triticale grain and tubular radishes, to maintain a diverse crop rotation here on the farm. This helps to ensure healthy soil and protection of the fields during the winter months. The triticale and radishes also break down the soil into small pieces, which is a practice traditionally done by large tractors and heavy disks. This process helps eliminate the burning of massive amounts of diesel!

Water Fountain

Ever seen our lily-pad water fountain here on the farm? It flows into a pond with fish and seasonal goose families. More than a spectacle, this feature is a cooling fountain. Water is pulled from the pond, circulated in a self-contained system to cool down equipment, and then sent back to the pond. The cooling fountain greatly cuts down on our reliance on traditional refrigeration methods. An innovative and energy efficient system! Pretty neat, huh!?