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September Moo News 2023

Meet Maple

Maple’s favorite pastime is spotting all the different leaf shapes that drift to the ground every Fall season. She was named after the white spot on her forehead that looks like a leaf! As you can see, she also enjoys showing off her smile. Come see our awesome cows on a farm tour!

Cinnamon Sugar Bagels with Easy Berry Schmear

Good mornings start with easy & tasty nutrition… View this recipe and more on our Moo News webpage!

Post pictures of your finished dish using Morning Fresh products on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #mooplease. Follow the hashtag so you can see everyone’s finished creations!

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Cow-tado Time

The “Skinny Brown Cow-tado”

1. Start with a shot of espresso or coffee of choice. Psst… local selections like Dazbog and Motive Cold Brew available on Home Delivery!

2. Add a large splash of our NEW Choco-Lite Milk to fill up the rest!

3. Enjoy this skinny mocha beverage with less fat, a touch of sweet, and a caffeine kick to empower your day!

What is Choco-Lite Milk?

It is our new 2%, lower sugar version of our amazing chocolate milk!

Add NEW Choco-Lite Milk to your order!

Morning Fresh Dairy now available at JAX Farm & Ranch

JAX Farm & Ranch now carries a variety of fresh products including all natural milk and cream, Colorado Cheese Curds, noosa yoghurt, and more from us at Morning Fresh Dairy! JAX Farm & Ranch is located at the Northeast corner of N Shields Street and 287. Grab a nutritious milk beverage to-go next time you find yourself at the café in JAX! Local supporting local!

Get directions to JAX Farm & Ranch here!

Curds on Pizza

Ya herd that right. Project Pizza used our Colorado Cheese Curds to make mozzarella cheese for their Rock River Ranch Pizza at Stodgy Brewing’s Harvest Fest! This pizza featured all local ingredients, including our deliciously salty, cheesy curds. Colorado Cheese Curds really do go great on anything!

Now that’s Corny

Check it out- the silk is a reproductive part of corn plants. Did you know- you can tell which silks have grabbed pollen by their brown color? More pollinated silk means more kernels of corn! While our corn continues to grow, we’re getting prepped for harvest which is just around the CORN-er!

Farm Fun

Looking for an extraordinary birthday experience? We offer Birthday Tours! Learn more here. You can also reserve our private room and outdoor patio for your meeting, gathering or private event! Learn more here.

Thank you for being a part of our family

We do what we can to ensure every hoof-step in the milk making process is done with our cows, our environment, our community, and YOU in mind. Thank you for your support!

Test your Cowledge

How many hours does a cow sleep per day?

Check next month’s Moo News for the answer! August’s Moo News Answer… Casein and Whey proteins


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