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Marczyk’s Bakery Wheat Au Levain Loaf

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Remember the warm aroma of freshly baked bread wafting from your grandparents’ kitchen? Marczyk’s Bakery does too. That’s why they craft their Whole Wheat Au Levain Loaf with just five simple ingredients – the same ones your family might have used: flour, water, their natural starter, a touch of salt, and a whole lot of love.
Baked daily by real people: Marczyk’s Bakery uses the finest ingredients, just like Grandma used to – artisan flour to create a luscious texture perfect for toasting sandwiches. It’s a touch you won’t find anywhere else in Denver!
This isn’t just bread, it’s a slice of Marczyk’s Bakery tradition. We invite you to experience the difference love and real ingredients can make.

Ingredients: Classic wheat sandwich bread with just five ingredients: Flour, water, natural starter, salt, and love. Market made daily by people who care.