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Camembert – Mouco Cheese

Product Details

Mouco’s cheese making values dictate that there will never be any artificial colors, additives, or preservatives in their cheese to ensure it is the best our region offers. Lastly, each cheese is marked with a date code. Use it to enjoy the cheese to your liking: firm, a little soft, or soft and gooey. Make it your own! A 4.4oz soft ripened cheese.

When Young: This cheese is firm with a creamy texture and tangy notes.

As it ages: As the cheese ripens, it softens and further develops its buttery characteristics.

Fully Aged: MouCo Camembert is fully aged at 7-8 weeks. At this point the cheese has fully developed its buttery creaminess. The cheese might just begins to flow when left to warm to room temperature.

Ingredients: Cultured Pasteurized Whole Cow’s Milk, Salt, Enzymes, Mold Cultures, Calcium Chloride (to enrich the milk).