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An Explanation on Coffee Creamer, Half & Half, and Whipping Cream

Whether you are looking to add a splash of sweetness to your morning beverage or thickness to your favorite soup, cream might be just the product you reach for.

There are many uses for heavy cream, as there are for half & half, and coffee creamer. But all three of these products have their differences in taste, ingredients, fat content, and usage. We’re here to explain the main differences between these 3 delicious dairy staples and point out how Morning Fresh Dairy makes our cream products differently.

Whipping Cream

Sometimes called heavy cream or heavy whipping cream, this product is the thickest fresh milk due to its high fat content. According to the FDA, heavy cream is defined as having no less than 36% milkfat content.

Many store-bought heavy creams butterfat content lies at around 36-38%. Morning Fresh Dairy Whipping Cream far exceeds that, with a butterfat content of 42%! Our cream is 100% all-natural cream, whereas store-bought creams often contain gellan gum.

Half & Half

This delicious dairy product contains equal parts of cream and whole milk, making it thinner than whipping cream. There must be between 10.5% to 18% of milkfat for this dairy product to be considered half & half by the FDA.

Morning Fresh Dairy Half & Half well exceeds the minimum of 10.5% butterfat. Our half & half is pasteurized and homogenized to create a well-blended beverage that is thicker than milk, but also versatile for cooking and baking. Our half & half’s ingredients are all-natural milk and cream. We do not use any additives, resulting in the fresh and all-natural taste you know and love.

Coffee Creamer

Contrary to what you may think, coffee creamers are typically dairy-free. In fact, many coffee creamers use milk alternatives such as almond, oat, and coconut milks. Ingredients in most typical coffee creamers are water, sugar, and vegetable oil. They usually contain high sugar content and they are usually heavily processed.

Morning Fresh Dairy’s Coffee Creamers are made by gently mixing our own smooth half & half with sweet natural flavors. No complex processing or unnecessary added oils!

Whichever type of cream you prefer, it is good to know what makes dairy products distinctly unique and delicious. There are a multitude of uses for all 3 of these products and the more you know about the characteristics of them, the better you might understand how to use them in recipes or how to enjoy them in your favorite beverage or meal!

Make sure to try the all-natural, fresh taste of Morning Fresh Dairy Whipping Cream, Half & Half, and Coffee Creamer for yourself!