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Bingham Hill Cemetery

The many footsteps taken by caretakers, volunteers, and visitors make Bingham Hill Cemetery a historic place of peace, deeply rooted in community. This sacred location has been a part of Laporte, Colorado history since 1862. Located just West of North Overland Trail Rd on Bingham Hill Rd, this small but meaningful place of remembrance is home to upwards of 300 burials. Less than 2 acres long, the cemetery stretches from an irrigation ditch to the East to a wooden fence on the West. After entering a white metal gate adorned with a floral wreath, a dirt pathway turns into a small boardwalk lining the ditch under strong, tall trees, leading to the opening of the cemetery. The journey through the cemetery consists of scattered burials, family plots, and a large thombstone at the West. Small momentos are placed by many of the burials, and patches of wildflowers scattered throughout the area act as nature’s way of honoring the dead. This quaint location has had over 50,000 visitors, many of those visits recorded in the community guest book on site.

One individual, in particular, who is dedicated to preserving the importance and history of Bingham Hill Cemetery is Rose L Brinks. Brinks knew that the only way to keep the place involved in the community was to spread the word about it. Her book “History of the Bingham Hill Cemetery” offers an in-depth look into the history of the cemetery and surrounding area, and honors all individuals who are buried at the site, with photos and facts. Brinks’ book can be purchased in Bellvue, Colorado at the Howling Cow Cafe and on Amazon HERE.

The Coloradoan’s article on Bingham Hill Cemetery can be found HERE.

Sources referenced: 2015 Update of “History of the Bingham Hill Cemetery” by Rose L. Brinks and The Coloradoan’s The History of Bingham Hill Cemetery

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