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Bottle Deposit Program FAQ’s

Let us answer some common questions about our Bottle Deposit Program…

What is the point of the wooden token?

The token is your receipt to get your deposit back at the cafe!

What if I have home delivery and purchase a bottle at the cafe?

We still need to charge for the bottle deposit. Fortunately, you can place the token(s) in a ziploc bag with your account number in your milk box and the office will credit you once received by one of our drivers.

I got these bottles at Whole Foods, Sprouts, or another grocery retailer…

We can swap a bottle but cannot give a bottle refund. For a bottle deposit refund, you will need to return the bottle back to the outlet where it was purchased.

What if I bring bottles without tokens?

You can purchase one for one or nothing. We can only give credit for the bottle deposit if they are returned with a token.

What if I only have tokens?

The wooden tokens are worthless without bottles. We are unable to provide your original deposit unless you have both a token and empty glass bottle.

Why do I have more tokens than bottles?

There is a chance they were misplaced and bottles were returned without tokens. Some individuals don’t want the clutter of bottles and return them with an understanding they will not receive their deposit back. This could be why. There could be so many reasons but we only give one token per bottle.

Can you just charge my purchase to my home delivery account?

Unfortunately, this is not an option. Why? The howling cow cafe is a separate business from the dairy farm. We don’t have access to home delivery accounts.

I brought in a 1/2 gallon bottle but would like to purchase a quart, can I do this?

Yes! The bottle deposit covers the glass. This means you can bring in any size bottle and purchase any size bottle. Remember to store your tokens in a safe place if you plan to return the bottles for that deposit back. They are small and can be easily lost.

If you have any further questions about our bottle deposit program, feel free to email us at or call us at (970) 482-5789.

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