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Cows Lack Toes- er, lactose?

Why do cows have hooves? Because they lack toes! But seriously, what is lactose? The good news is that, unless you’re intolerant to lactose, you don’t need to worry about the lactose in your milk. Lactose is just the sugar that occurs naturally in milk! Many people naturally produce an enzyme in their small intestines called lactase- this helps break down the lactose into sugars your body can use for energy. If the body does not produce lactase, or doesn’t make enough, milk can cause digestive issues- this is lactose intolerance. Luckily, for the lactose intolerant, there’s still a way to get that heavenly taste of milk without the stomachache!

When lactase is added to milk before you drink it, then the sugar is already broken down into the sugars that the body can absorb, like glucose! Here at Morning Fresh, we add lactase to our special Lactose Free milk prior to bottling. The lactase and lactose react to create glucose and galactose, sugars that the intestine recognizes and passes into our bloodstream as body fuel! Adding lactase, due to the breakdown of sugars, makes the milk taste slightly more sweet- but not too much, and this is the only change that the body can even detect! The nutritional value and all natural goodness of the milk hasn’t changed at all. Have some lactose free friends? Share these fun lactose facts with them and sign them up! We’ll send them a free half gallon to try and you’ll get a $25 credit on your account when they mention your name!