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Glass Bottle Deposit & Reuse Program

We value high-quality products and know you do too. Bottling our milk in glass bottles ensures you have an enjoyable tasting experience. Glass is non-porous, so no odors or tastes get into the milk. We want to make sure you only taste our all-natural deliciousness. Glass bottles are also better for the environment than single-use plastic. On average, our bottles are used 30+ times! Rather than buying new glass bottles every time, our bottles take a conveyer belt ride through our industrial-grade bottle washer that cleans and sanitizes them. This practice prevents thousands of plastic milk jugs from going to the landfill.

We require a bottle deposit to help ensure bottles are returned. Your involvement in reusing our glass bottles is imperative to our goals of being a sustainable dairy. Thank you for enjoying our milk, returning our glass bottles, and protecting our Earth with us- we couldn’t do it without you! Please see our graphic above explaining how our bottle deposit program works.

FUN FACT: Reusable glass bottles were reintroduced to Morning Fresh Dairy in 1992, when the 4th generation of the Graves Dairy Family, Lori and Rob Graves, started running the dairy. They’ve implemented many eco-friendly practices and programs and to this day care for their cows, land, environment, and community the best they can.