Moo News

January Moo News 2023

Meet Crystal

Her favorite part about the dairy is soaking up the Colorado sunshine. She loves eating alfalfa and the occasional dandelion. When not producing delicious, all natural milk, you can find Crystal chilling in her sand bed or hanging with her buddies outside. Book a farm tour here!

Moo Please

Start the new year off healthily and deliciously with this Crustless Swiss Chard Tomato Quiche Recipe from The Dairy Alliance. This fresh and flavorful egg dish can be made with our Morning Fresh Dairy Lactose-Free milk, or substituted with any of our all natural milks. Don’t forget to get your eggs delivered to your doorstep, too!

Post pictures of your finished dish using Morning Fresh products on social media with the hashtag #mooplease. Follow the hashtag so you can see everyone’s finished creations!

View the recipe here!

Cover Crop Update

Our cover crops are braving the windy and cold weather. Triticale grain and tubular radishes have the superpower of resiliency and are able to survive the rough, Colorado Winters and pop back up in the spring! Read more about our Cover Crops here!

Boost your Immunity

Feeling under the weather? Stay healthy with Morning Fresh Dairy Orange Juice, all natural and packed with Vitamin C! Or try Weller’s Immunity Support sparkling waters, offering a natural immune boost with fresh squeezed elderberry juice, and packed with vitamin C, vitamin D3, zinc, and magnesium. Combat the cold with our immunity-boosting products!

Test your Cowledge!

How many pounds of milk does it take to make 1 pound of cheese? (1 quart milk = 2.15 pounds)

A. 5 B. 10 C. 15 D.20

Check next month’s Moo News for the answer!

Remember to…

Enjoy, rinse, repeat, and return! Thank moo!

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