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Oven Baked Omelet

The perfect omelet for your Easter brunch! Remember, milk, eggs, and cheese available through home delivery!


  • 10 to 12 large cage free Morning Fresh Farm eggs
  • 2 cups Morning Fresh Dairy milk
  • 1 8oz package of Organic Valley’s Raw Sharp Cheddar or Pepper Jack cheese, shredded
  • 1 cup cooked & diced ham, bacon, breakfast sausage, turkey sausage or tofu
  • 1/4 cup finely chopped fresh parsley
  • A pinch of sea salt
  • A pinch of black pepper


Step 1
Preheat oven to 375F. Lightly grease a 9X13 inch baking pan with olive oil, butter, or cooking spray.
Step 2
In a large bowl, beat the eggs and then whisk in the Morning Fresh Dairy milk. Shred the cheese on a separate plate. Add the shredded cheese, diced meat or tofu, and chopped parsley.
Step 3
Stir. Season with salt and pepper. Pour the egg mixture into the prepared pan.
Step 4
Bake in the oven for 45 minutes or until the top is slightly golden. Let cool for 5 minutes before serving.
Tip 1
To make preparation even easier… you can make it the night before! Just cover the pan with the egg mixture and refrigerate until ready to bake.
Tip 2
After the omelet is done baking, add a thin layer of cheese on top. Broil on high for a minute or two until cheese is bubbly and beginning to toast.