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Poudre Food Partnership

Morning Fresh Dairy Offers Veggie Boxes through Poudre Food Partnership

We are thrilled to partner with Poudre Food Partnership to deliver Farmer’s Market produce to our Home Delivery customers’ doorsteps! Fresh produce from 3 different, local farms come together into one bundle for our customers to enjoy. Produce varieties change week to week, depending on what’s in season!

Check out the local farms we partner with…

Belafonte Farm

About the Farm

The farm was born out of a desire to share good food with people – to us, food and friends are among the greatest joys of life! The mission is to better coexist with nature through local agriculture. To accomplish this, Belafonte Farm will provide community-preferred nutritious food while they build fertile soil, increase biological diversity and improve farm-use water efficiency. The vision is to develop an agrarian system that can provide sustainable year-round, quality food to the community. Their long-term goal is to establish a full-diet CSA program and a farm-to-table pay-what-you-can cafe. 2023 will be their second season in operation and Belafonte Farm will be offering organically grown vegetables, fruit, herbs, and flowers through a Community Supported Agriculture program and at the Larimer County Farmers’ Market. Also, enjoy their produce seasonally through local programs, events, at restaurants, and now Morning Fresh Dairy Home Delivery!

About the Farm Owner

Dennis discovered the importance of quality food and responsible farming while traveling an assortment of wild places from trails and seas to cities. His whole life, Dennis has greatly valued time spent in nature and decided to dig deep with farming as his vocation after traveling the world for a few years and departing his past mechanical engineering career. His mission is to live connected to nature both through outdoor recreation and as a steward of the land through farming – nourishing people and the planet through a holistic approach.

With previous farming experience at Frith Farm in Maine and Ridge to Reef Farm in St. Croix, Dennis has now returned to Fort Collins to start Belafonte Farm. After some initial setup at Belafonte Farm, he will practice organic, no-till, human scale methods, and continuously develop the farm to become an acre of delicious food production!

Dennis enjoys each season but wishes there was a way to have double summers to farm and hike a long-distance trail all in the same year! Either way, you will find him happily covered in soil!

Where you can find their product:

  • Larimer County Farmers’ Market on Saturdays
  • CSA on Wednesdays with prorated shares for the remainder of the season still available
  • Market Days! For Older Adults through LCFM on Saturdays
  • The Regional
  • Little on Mountain
  • East Denver Food Hub
  • Colorado Early Colleges lunchroom
  • Food Bank for Larimer County
  • Private Sales

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Well Fed Farmstead

About the Farm

Well Fed Farmstead is focused on cultivating high-quality produce, preserving the health of the soil, and nourishing the Fort Collins community. Farming on roughly 4 acres, they supply vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs to their neighbors here in NoCo, nearly year round. Although they aren’t certified organic, their practices go above and beyond… No synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides are used on the food that’s grown at Well Fed, and you can rest assured that each and every crop is grown with care and love.

About the Farm Owner

Head Farmer and Owner, Ryan Ericson – has been farming for 8 years, learning to grow all over the U.S. before settling in Colorado. He is passionate about soil health and sustainability, which is reflected in every aspect of the farm. Not only is the produce grown with intention, the farm is run with its employees and customers in mind. On top of cultivating tasty and nutritious crops, the farm’s top goals are to demonstrably increase soil health, to make good, local food accessible to all folks no matter their income, and to create truly viable, living wages for every crew member at Well Fed.

Where you can find their product:

  • Every day from 9am-6pm at their Self-Serve Farmstand. Located at 2229 W. Vine Dr. Fort Collins, 80521
  • The Larimer County Farmers Market (9am-1pm every Saturday)
  • Little on Mountain
  • The Regional
  • Bistro Nautille
  • Slyce Pizza
  • The Corner Slice
  • The Welsh Rabbit
  • Tasty Harmony
  • Foco Cafe
  • Weldworks Brewery
  • Wolverine Farm
  • The Fox Den – No Waste Roastery and Cafe
  • Lima Coffee
  • Ferment Culture
  • Uncle Funk Ferments
  • East Denver Food Hub
  • Pinemelon – Online Grocery Store
  • Spade and Spoon

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Folks Farm & Seed

About the Farm

Folks Farm and Seed is a small, ecologically-minded farm located in Fort Collins, Colorado. They grow regionally adapted vegetables, flowers, and herb. They use regenerative agriculture practices including: seed saving and selection, composting, cover cropping, diverse plantings, and low-till farming. These techniques produce nutrient-dense superfood grown with beyond organic standards.

While providing their community with high caliber produce is a priority, Folks Farm & Seed is dedicated to bioregional adaption and seed-saving. Through annual and bi-annual selection, they breed garden crops to be drought resistant, produce stronger root systems, effectively mine nutrients, and be more resilient in Colorado’s changing climate. By partnering with several seed growers across the west, they work towards preserving adapted heirloom cultivars.

Industrial seed and chemical companies have replaced most local seed producers and further patented crops to keep farmers from the personal sovereignty of gardening and seed saving. By utilizing bioregional seeds, they strengthen their independence and directly oppose the devastating effects of corporate agriculture. This isn’t supermarket produce, these are their Folk’s crops raised with love in their seed-to-seed model.

About the Farm Owner and Creative HQ – Alex & Rey

Alex’s love affair for veg started as a child growing a giant 300lb pumpkin here in Fort Collins, CO. Since then his passion and experience have expanded to encompass seed saving, biodynamics, and growing delicious produce. Alex is passionate about how food connects people and how choices made in agriculture reverberate out into our culture and future.

Ray is a wearer of many different hats. You’ll find her in the field, at the farmers market, and working behind the screen. Rey’s collaborations with the farm inspire her own work in ecosomatic movement studies, ephemeral art, and upcycled goods.

Where you can find their product:

  • Self-service, roadside Farm Stand from May – October. Located at 2917 South Taft Hill Road, Fort Collins, CO, 80526.
  • The Larimer County Farmers Market (9am-1pm every Saturday)
  • Online shop

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