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Sustainable glass bottle recycling practices

(REAL)cycling: The Lifecycle of Your Glass Milk Bottle

Early in the crisp mountain morning, while most of the front range rests still in their slumber; first light washes over the Pleasant Valley we call home, heralding in a new day.

What (actually) happens when you take the time and care to rinse out your glass bottle and get it back to us? That’s where the sustainable difference that we strive for at Morning Fresh Dairy really kicks in.

In traditional mass recycling processes, we consumers rarely know if the bottles, cans, and paper products tossed in the “green bin” are destined to become a new product on the shelves once more. 

The sad truth that most of us aren’t taught in school is that due to not being properly cleaned or sorted, many of the products manufactured with intent to be reused- simply aren’t.

But at Morning Fresh Dairy, reducing waste where possible, and ultimately reusing everything we can is a foundational part of our core values. 

Values that have become ingrained in our traditions, and inform the future as we embark on 5+ generations working together toward better practices.

Our story begins with a recently emptied glass milk bottle. MMMMmmm delicious! After finishing and rinsing out (please & thank you!) used bottles can be returned to us. This begins its journey to be sanitized, refilled with love, repackaged, and delivered to the doorsteps of neighbors around your community.

The Morning Fresh Dairy team rises with the sun, cheerfully welcoming another fast-paced day on the farm, and working to bring fresh creamy goodness to everyone along our routes. 

One of the most crucial and beneficial steps you can take to ‘be the change’ in reducing waste is by rinsing out your glass bottles and returning them to us.

The more Morning Fresh Dairy glass bottles that are returned to us, the more we keep garbage from filling up our limited Colorado landfills. 

With your help, and the care taken by other committed customers, we have proudly helped keep millions of plastic bottles from polluting the earth.

That’s why all glass bottles we receive are inspected for safety & integrity, thoroughly sanitized through our rigorous cleaning process, refilled with Nature’s goodness, and capped off to stay fresh until it’s ready for pouring.

Our high-quality, classic “Milkman” style bottles are just like the ones your grandparents always raved about (with TASTE to match). Except for rare manufacturing defects, or a tragic hard clunk that shatters the thick glass walls, these bottles have the ability to last practically forever

Maybe your bottle was in a neighbor’s hand a week ago. Perhaps that bottle has seen more travel than many of us! There’s no telling just how many adventures your bottle has had before arriving at your kitchen table and enjoyed alongside breakfast or to help wash down dinner later that night.

The Morning Fresh Dairy team of drivers are part of our extended family. Our tight-knit group are all part of the continuing life cycle; meeting & greeting you at your door and remembering your favorites.

With everything we produce at our local dairy, we ask ourselves “how can we do this better?” When producing our milk, cheese, and Noosa-partnered Yoghurt products, the goal closest to the heart remains conservation and sustainability.

From all of us at the Morning Fresh Dairy family, we want to extend a huge THANK YOU to all of the courteous & caring patrons on our home delivery routes. You are the ones allowing us to do what we love each day, and keep making an impact in the environment.

We appreciate your support!