Moo News

May Moo News 2023

Meet Leia

Leia loooves getting milked on the state-of-the-art milking parlor (more commonly called the Dairy-Go-Round). It makes her feel comfortable; it rotates at a very slow pace and the circular shape allows her to see her fellow cow friends. She enjoys it so much, she occasionally sneaks on for a second ride!

Curious about our Cows and Dairy-Go-Round? Book a tour to see it all in person.

Farm Fun Awaits

Check out our new Events on the Farm page, where you can book AWESOME events including Sunrise Yoga, Cornhole Tournaments, Euchre Tournaments, Birthday Parties, and more! Join us in celebration of our newly renovated cafe and community spaces at our Grand Opening Tours Saturday, May 27th! Book your Grand Opening Tour HERE.

Moo Please

Treat your loved one to a fresh Pomegranate Cherry Smoothie Bowl and Morning Farmhouse Pizza Toast for a tasty Mother’s Day breakfast!

Post pictures of your finished dish using Morning Fresh products on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #mooplease. Follow the hashtag so you can see everyone’s finished creations!

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Salted Caramel Milk

The perfect marriage of sweet and salty is here! This creamy creation combines a light blend of caramel with our all natural milk. Pour over ice as a cold treat or try mixed in your coffee. Get Salted Caramel Milk delivered. *Available seasonally and while supplies last.

Marionberry Lemonade

Thirst-quenching, smooth, sweet and tart, this tasty beverage will keep you cool in the Colorado sunshine! Marionberry Fun Facts: They’re part of the blackberry family. They’re oblong in shape. They tend to have a sweeter and juicier taste than Blackberries. They’re grown exclusively in Oregon! Get thirst-quenching Marionberry Lemonade delivered. *Available seasonally and while supplies last.


Test your Cowledge

Imagine the old-fashioned way to milk a cow, one squirt at a time in a bucket. Approximately, how many squirts does it take to make a gallon of milk?

A. 40-50 squirts B. 140-150 C. 340-350 D. 540-550

Check next month’s Moo News for the answer! April’s Moo News Answer…

What runs all around the cow pasture but never moves? The Fence!

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