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The Best Pre and Post Workout Snacks!

Are you excited about getting out this summer? Whether you’re pumping iron at the gym, hiking our beautiful mountains, swimming at Horsetooth or one of NoCo’s other super fun outdoor activities- Morning Fresh has your back! Check out some of these local foods that make great pre work out snacks this summer:

  • Pre Workout Snacks:
  • Fruit smoothies- make them yourself with Morning Fresh milk or snag a noosa smoothie for on the go! To mix things up, try using our flavor of the month in your smoothie!
  • Yogurt parfaits with granola and fruit- OLDeMan Granola and Gluten Free Just Plain ‘Ola are great for adding crunch to another pre workout snack, or on its own!
  • Oats! Leave them in milk overnight with your favorite fruits, seeds, or even honey! Great for long term energy due to those good carbs!
  • Gib’s Bagels with your favorite lean meat- Add lox, a bit of low-fat cream cheese or any other lean meat of your choice to get a grain boost and a protein boost! Gluten free options available as well!
  • Nita Crisp Crackers and Cheese- Get in some locally grown grain and protein while prepping for your next workout, or on the charcuterie board!
  • Greek yogurt- noosa greek is a great high protein, low fat option on the go! Available in 6 great flavors, add it to a smoothie or snack it alone!
  • Post Work Out Snacks:
  • Chocolate Milk- This high protein recovery drink has tons of electrolytes AND has a faster absorption rate than most sports drinks!
  • Microgreens- Either as a whole salad, or to top some delicious nachos, Spring Hill Greens has you covered with super nutritious, locally grown microgreens
  • Cereal and Morning Fresh Skim Milk- re-up on those micronutrients and vitamins with this super team combo of whole grain cereal and skim milk!